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Jurelle Jon Tagbo “JFT” was born in the Philippines, just like Bruno Mars mother, and raised in a musically inclined family.

He started joining singing contests at the age of 6 but at some point had to stop his passion for singing to focus on studying.

Fast forward... after finishing his Bachelor of Secondary Education, majoring in English and passing the board exam,
he decided to return in pursuing his musical dreams.......

To continue

Testimony "Live angels":

His guardian angels, as he always refers to them, said that JFT is a “needle in a haystack” and very gifted.


Someone who,  if you give a name for a song and any beat that you like, can write, sing, record and mix in less than an hour; you will be shocked with the kind of lyrics he will write, besides singing in more than six languages.  


We did that. We gave him a beat from MasterPeenobeat from Brazil, a name and we have no doubt this song will be a hit. Wait and see!


He has over 100 originals that fit Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Christina Aguilera “who he knows all about”, Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and
Ariana Grande’s style perfectly.”

Just take a second and listen to some of his cover and video/covers, samples of some of his originals and you will see what we are talking about.       


JFT really deserves a shot and I am sure a blessed 4th angel will come into his life, to show that everything is possible when you work hard to make God and loved ones proud.

When you meet this young man and talk to him for only 5 minutes, you will understand. The kindness and love for his lovely mother and his biggest fan Beck are indescribable. The same day you meet him, you are going to sleep with a smile in your face, just like we did, and you will thank God for bringing this kid into your life.

Are you the 4th angel?

 You can reach JFT by sending an email to:

Thanks for your support!

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